TI PPC Notes (USA)

Perfect Number Generator, TI PPC Notes v6n2p6

Magic Squares, TI PPC Notes v6n3p4

Cryptography, TI PPC Notes v6n9/10p30

Branching from the keyboard during program execution, TI PPC Notes v6n9/10p31

Hex codes, TI PPC Notes v7n6p8

How to change your TI-57 into TI-57C, TI PPC Notes v6n6p9

Gauss reduction of matrices M*N (with Sasa Nick), TI PPC Notes v7n6p13-14

Super TI-59 Test, TI PPC Notes v7n9p8-11

1188 Digits of PI (with Jovan PuzoviŠ), TI PPC Notes v8n1p21-22

Synthetic Codes on a TI-57, TI PPC Notes v8n2p23-25

Fast Mode Entry, TI PPC Notes v8n4p3

Minefield, TI PPC Notes v8n5p7-8

Other Solutions for Linear Equations, TI PPC Notes v8n6p14-17

Treasure Island, TI PPC Notes v9n3p6-8

Fast Mode Scribbler, TI PPC Notes v9n3p18-21

PPC Journal (USA)

Hex codes, PPC Calculator Journal v9n4p47-48

How to change your TI-57 into a TI-57C, PPC Calculator Journal v9n4p48

Gauss Reduction of matrices, PPC Calculator Journal v9n4p50

TI-59 to HP-41 Compiler, PPC Calculator Journal v9n6p27-29

Super TI-59 test, PPC Calculator Journal v10n1p30-32

HP-41 Hobbit, PPC Calculator Journal v10n6p25-27, reprinted in v13n7p24-25

Building HP-41 Labelless Programs, PPC Calculator Journal v11n1p32-33, reprinted in v13n7p21-22

TI Software Exchange (Belgium)

Indirect on TI-57, TI SOFT Newsletter v4n2p2-3

Test your knowledge of the TI-59, TI SOFT Newsletter v5n2p2-7

Synthetic Codes on a TI-57, TI SOFT Newsletter v5n3p16-18

Programbiten (Sweden)

Hobbit, Programbiten 82-1, p21-23

Psycho-Logic, Programbiten 83-1 p7-9

Test Hur Mycket vet du om 59: AN? Programbiten 83-1 p15-17

Hexkoder pa TI-57, Programbiten 83-3 p12-13

Minfalt, Programbiten 83-3 p14-15

Datafile (England)

Treasure Island, Datafile v1n2p24-25

Brain Teasers, Datafile v1n3p31

Bairstow's Method, Datafile v2n1p8

.XOR. - A Game, Datafile v2n1p18