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Pronađoh ovih dana prezentaciju moje bivše škole, Matematičke gimnazije (www.matematicka.org - u međuvremenu je prezentacija preseljena na www.mg.edu.yu). Kao što je već i red, na istom sajtu postoji i prevod prezentacije na engleski jezik. Plašeći se da će ga uskoro neko ukloniti, da ovekovečim to šekspirovsko delo nepoznatog (ali vrlo talentovanog) prevodioca ovde. Uživajte:

[For English speaking visitors of this page - no, this text was not written by me, my English is usually a bit better. It used to be a part of the presentation of the Mathematical High School, Belgrade, done by the unknown 'expert'. Enjoy!]


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Mathematics high school is a unique School for talented students in fields of mathematics, informatics and the natural science. School is have great significance. Mathematics instructions and science are give on higher level side by side with other high schools.

From founding until today School gave more members of Olympiad representations for International competitions then other schools in Yugoslavia (including all former republics). On International competitions' students of Mathematics high school earned 112 medals, which is one of the unique schools' achievements. Beside the exceptional achievement in mathematics fields, and the physics and informatics students are very successful in another fields: conquer literature awards, in acting, in recite, sort, chest and etc.

Mathematics high school established in 1996. year to work like school for students with special capabilities in math's, science, natural science and informatics. The basic goal is special cirriculum and program, selective student's enrol, contemporary organisation and conducting method's instruction, direct collaboration with University and particular selected teaching staff. School teachers have to convince and show own knowledge, to innovate and create curriculum to be a right ambitious youth measure, which shows throw work and talent.

Process of teaching in our School constantly follows innovations with particular point on work advancement with talented students. That is a way to change traditional work stile and student communications, classic relations and habits. Verbosity is avoid in teaching, as well as monologue, one way and underdeveloped knowledge transmission. Our students are active participant in cirriculum, they are conversationalist not just knowledge receivers. Acquire knowledge began individualised and private property. Only in that case they can apply in concrete situation and have pragmatic character.

For the a last 30 year of work passed about 65000 students throw the school and more hundreds' professors who conduct instructions permanently, involved from University or related to science institutions.

Mathematics high school acquire huge reputation and receive many recognition's for long-range work with aptitude generations. What is all this years Mathematics high school contributes to be what is now? Above all that is a way of work with young and talented people, without difficulties to succeed suitable results. Naturally, we are talking about persistent worn-out on the school concept. The people who are make's heart of teaching staff are merit to that.

Between them special place takes person who is there from founding, first like teacher and than 27 years like director. That is a Prof. Dr. Milan Raspopovic, which name today is a synonym of Mathematics high school in Belgrade. His pedagogy work and everything what his position makes very strenuous and complicates, do not apart form his science-research work and university teaching.

He was born on 6th of July 1936. in little village Martinici near to Danilovgrad. He distinguishes himself in natural science and mathematics like high school student. He studies science on Natural-Mathematics University in Belgrade. Completed studying on time at first 1959. After that he found a job in 14th Belgrade High School like physics teacher until September 1966.

New phase in professional and pedagogy work of Milan Raspopovic began in the new school (he takes a part 1966): like physics and electronics professor in Mathematics high school from 1966. it 1970. when he becomes director. That is a unique work example on the same duty for 27 years. From that position he is announcing doctoral dissertation under the name " Work influence and Ludvig Bokman's ideas on physics and philosophy" which defended in 1977. on Electronics University in Belgrade.

His professional involvement is huge. He teaches students in advanced school for applied informatecs and statistics and gives lecture to postgraduate studies in centre for multidiscipline University studies in Belgrade. From 1983 was chosen for university docent, letter for senior lecturer and on the end for University professor in Nis, where teach physics methods, and from 1991. lecture physics history, physics philosophy and philosophy on natural science.

Milan Raspopovic is author and co-author of more than 60 books and reference books for primary and high schools to Teachers academy and University. In all we know until now about mathematics high school work under the management of director Milan Raspopovic, about their path development, about domestic and foreign competitions, following results, one can say that the roll like pedagogue and organiser with all professional authority is one of the most important facts contribute to knowledge, influence and school reputation.

In mathematics school frequently apply contemporary methods in cirriculum realisation. They put accent on dialogue methods, problematic communication, two-way character communication, consultation methods and adviser methods in which instructions being individualised. All these work shapes follow suitable demonstrations and computer simulation.

In system of evaluation and grading use different methods: verbal and written answers, tests (prepared by computer), contest assessments, seminar assessments and ext. The competition results have a big attention that makes big influence on final judgement. Student's evaluation is simultaneous with realisation of the teaching process and with the frequency which student obligates to continue work. In process of evaluation are not valid apriori conviction or students favouring, because that can degrade students and professor's evaluation.

Carefully chosen teaching staff is very important element that facilitates success and reputation of school. To have more young, talented and create professors in Mathematics school is one of distinction personnel policy. From the beginning they respect Principe: talented student needs talented professor.

Higher qualifying structure of teaching staff exist: big number of specialist, tutors and science doctors, assistants, docents and university professors, science workers. Most of them are famous science workers and author of large science and professional works, textbook writers and reference books for all kind of school. Many teachers achieved high results and receive public recognition's for own work. Today in this elite school teaches top class professors, among 18 science doctors, 10 university professors and 20 tutors. They watch over young talents, generously investing knowledge and effort, throw teaching classes or mentor work. Students use professional literature which authors are associates of Mathematics high school.

Is very interesting to say that between professors permanently employed have large number of former students of mathematics high school, which returned with awards and praises from international Olympiad. This circle of sphere asserted in practice as well. They all enjoy awards and respect from own colleague and students specially.

With the help of small students' numbers in class ( about 20 ) exist possibility for individual contact teacher-student and specially students.

Consultative and mentor work methods successfully contribute to the best students in class, specially with potential competition candidates inside the country and oversize. With these students teaching classes from mathematics and informatecs subjects, accounting and science doing in groups (3-5 students). That means is not monologue in teaching process. Also is the most contemporary transmission knowledge method, in reference with student communications.

Beside the permanent teaching, they organise extra teaching classes in mathematics and physics subjects than use modern computer technology, special work methods (dialogue methods, demonstration methods, experiment, study by discovery and that are the only one school in our country in which apply mentor work).

Cirriculum and program realisation made on this way give excellent communications, specific satisfaction of talented students needs and set conditions for optimal development their exceptional individual possibilities.

Mathematics high school in Belgrade is specialised school. Hers basic goals are to discovery assemble and educate students under the special conditions that shows special talent and interesting for mathematics and hers contribution in natural and technical science.

Educational-- upbringing work by special plan and program and favourable conditions for talented students contribute to:

to acquire complete knowledge from mathematics, informetic programming and natural science and enable successful education on appropriate university

control particle knowledge that enables direct work including and fulfils certain work operations (computers work, programming, how to use computers and other technical practically ext.);

develop creativity, abstract activities, qualifying for independent study, independent books using and professional literature, develop of logic opinion ext.;

include students in some science-research work and their preparing for later work on mathematics and science projects

promote work with special talented students (individually teaching process, mentor work ext.)...

Mathematics high school provides exceptionally well preparation for further study and wide passing to universities. Teaching plan and program is made to give famous base for further professional determinations and give enrolment possibilities on different universities. That is prove the facts about all generations enrol and complete some of them universities for last 30 years, without exception and about 150 former students have title of sciences doctor. At the end of Mathematics school students can enrol on next universities: Electrical engineering, Transportation, Chemical-metallurgy faculty, Faculty of Organisation science, Faculty of Mathematics, Physical faculty, Faculty for Physical chemistry, Chemistry faculty, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Economics. Low faculty, Faculty of philosophy, Philological faculty, Faculty of political science, Faculty of veterinary medicine, Medical faculty, Faculty of dental medicine, Pharmacy faculty, Faculty of forestry, Faculty of agriculture.

Mathematics high school students usually choose technical faculties, mathematics universities. They dominate every year on entrance examination and take top place. By university statistic's success were proved by percentage. Success continues all these years. Students usually complete studies on time, sometimes earlier (for two, three years). Many of them stay on university like assistants, docents, professors. Characteristic example is physics Institute in Zemun, where in the last 25 years, approximately when they completed studies on universities, from all participant in science-research work 80% was our former students. Situation is similar on the other science institutes.

Our students prove them self's on many famous world universities (Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and ext.). About that bear witness many science works, received awards, reputation of former students in world science, and sanded greeting's letter to our school by most known world universities.

Mathematics high school in 30 years earned 112 international awards on mathematics and physics competitions. In 1996 year our students dress up with 19 international grades that is unique world example. Specially emphasise an important result from last International informatical Olympiad organised in Hungarian city Vesprem 1996, on which Yugoslavian programmers young Tim achieves one gold and bronze medal, and 9th Tim's place. Behind us stay: Germany 19th place, Great Brittany 21., SAD 22., Canada 26., Switzerland 41., Israel 47., France 53 ext.

In all knowledge competitions from mathematics, physics and informetics, together with school for young talented students "Kolmogorov" in composition with "Lomonosov" university from Moscow, students of mathematics high school was more successful that is big international school affirmation.

Many students achieve reward in fields which not been expected. Awarded some paintings on "Unesco" competition, than October award received for poetry and essay collection, for music and management success. The school is winner for more significant awards. Between them are Dositej's award and republic award "Vuk Karadzic" achieved for special results in education field.

Proposal of foundation of Mathematics high school in which participate today school director, Prof. Dr Milan Raspopovic, is down under the control of academician Vojin Dajovic, mathematics professor on Natural-mathematics faculty of University in Belgrade.

Group of education and sciences workers, start idea for foundation Mathematics high school. The most important roll takes Cathedral for mathematics on Natural-mathematics University, Mathematics society, Physics and astronomy societies from Serbia and Teaching-educate department from Belgrade at the head with hers director Ranka Radovanovic. Father of ideas and carrier was academician Vojin Dajovic. After the thorough preparations and exceeding many difficulties, controversial opinions, nominate by Main commission in Belgrade. Parliament brought decision on 17th may 1966, about opening Mathematics high school to assemble and educate young talents under the special conditions in mathematics and science sphere.

On 19th September 1966, school starts to work like three years school. That first year, after three contests, sign up only 56 students. In the beginning second year enrolled students that completed. First year of any secondary school (usually high school) after taking entrance examination. They were classified in three classes of second grade.

During 1967/68. year second grade enrolled four classes (about 80 students) and school received a new building in People's Front street No 37, because primary school "Zmaj Jova Jovanovic" moved in another building.

During 1975/76 year installing first grade (four classes ) and with that Mathematics high school began four year school.

Until 1978. year Mathematics high school worked one shift. Function of provisional director in first two years (like external associates) doing Mr Ranko Radovanovic. The next two years, provisional director was Dr Dusan Adnadjevic of Natural-mathematics University in Belgrade. 1970. School received a permanent director. He was a member of School group, Prof. Dr Milan Raspopovic, who is today on duty.

School immediately started on new Teaching plan and program reinforces with more mathematics education for students who has special interesting for mathematics and hers application. First Teaching plan was unique, specially in natural and technical science. Third part of weekly fond classes applies on mathematics discipline, physics was represent with 4 lessons in all grades. After three years (1969), when graduate first generation, performed first important change in Teaching plan and program. Installed two majors-general and programmatic. They achieved two targets: from one side strengths of mathematics use in resolving concrete problems of teaching and pragmatically character, and from other side, school received partly character of professional and final school. Results that our students achieve on entrance exams, during the studies, on different competitions, ext... start to be student ideal of many schools.

The biggest impact of Mathematics high school undergoes 1977. year, when under external force fit into a secondary school system of specialised training. That disturbed many School specifics that contribute to quality of class performing. In period of secondary specialised training, arise number of students in class (from 20 to 34 students) and number of classes (from 16 to 25 classes), which reduce education quality. Besides all of this, Mathematics high school save good identity part (teaching staff, entrance exam, modern organisation and work methods, collaboration with University and other science institutes, ext.).

From 1988. gradually back positions of "good old" Mathematics high school. Educational Council of Serbian Republic brought Decision No 110-32/89 from 18.01.1989. year about Regulations program realisation Mathematics high school in Belgrade. Decision says to form specialised experimental school with two majors-general and programmatic.

The goal is to strength to mathematical education for students that shows special talent for mathematics and natural sciences. Experiment completed 1995. year. In May same year Ministry of education brought Decision that Mathematics high school have status of School for talented students in mathematics and science sphere. With this decision school finally got status of school with special national significance, and become the first school in Yugoslavian history. For achieved results on International scene Mathematics high school is, 1994. year, rewarded to join European Council of high abilities, (ECHA), founded 1987. year like most competent body that takes care about work condition advisement of young talents. This body every year organised International conferences on which participate world experts for identification and talented student's development. We are participated in ECHA organisation on three conferences dedicate to talents (Holland 1994, Belgium 1995 and Austria 1996)